How Vietnam Will Bet on Casinos

Following in the likes of Macau’s footsteps, recent news suggests that Vietnam’s gambling laws are about to change in favour of allowing domestic casinos. While Ho Chi Minh City is already rampant with a vibrant casino culture, these venues are only open to foreign gamblers and the new laws could lead to a whole new explosion in Vietnam’s gambling industry.


If Macau is anything to go by, opening up casinos to local players could lead to never before seen profits. Asian business owners and billionaires are thought to make up a huge number of those spending vast sums in Macau’s casinos and Vietnam will likely look to capitalise on these high rollers by building newer and more state-of-the-art casinos designed to draw in the wealthiest of customers aswell as online opportunities with M88.

Club 21 at the Movenpick hotel is a good example of the way Vietnamese casinos look set to develop should the change in law go ahead. The club’s sleek look and ultra-modern gaming machines have been created to attract big spenders and further capitalising on this sort of casino could help Vietnam grow to be an Asian gambling hub to rival even Macau itself.

A rapid growth in the Vietnamese casino hotel industry would also be likely. A vastly successful model in Vegas, hotel casinos already exist in Ho Chi Minh but opening them up to Vietnam’s 89 million strong population would in all probability lead to further and larger resorts being built in the capital as well as across the country.

Relaxing Vietnam’s gambling laws is also likely to attract the attention of foreign investors. Rumours that Japan is looking to legalise gambling has already caused the world’s largest gambling company, Las Vegas Sands, to put together plans to invest $10 billion in building new Japanese casinos and resorts. If Vietnam follows suit, the potential revenues from foreign investors and the boost to the tourism market could be limitless.

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