Super-fun Theme Party Ideas

One way to dress up a dull party is to pick a theme. Themed parties are usually easier for a host to plan, since he has to stay within some bounds. They also tend to be more fun for the guests, since they get to dress up for the event. They also know to expect some "out of the ordinary" activities when they get to the party. Make your party a success with some of these fun themes.

Casino Night


Holding a casino-themed night is an excellent way to bring some friends together for games, without risking losing tons of money and without having to sit all night in an actual smoky casino. Online gambling sites make it easy to have some interactive games at the party. The host can sign up for an account and guests can play all sorts of gambling games like online bingo games. For variety, the party should also have some real card games, such as poker and black jack. The host might even want to hire a professional card dealer for the night.

Kid's Party

Everyone remembers the birthday parties they had as kids fondly. Bring those memories back by holding a children's party meant for grown-ups. Break out the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the pinata and the balloons. Serve familiar treats, such as hot dogs, cake, chips, and all the favorites from childhood. To make it clear that it is a party for adults, the host can serve distinctly grown-up drinks, such as spiked punch, rum and Cokes, and alcoholic milkshakes.

Around the World

An Around the World party lets guests travel the world without leaving their city. The host decorates different areas of the home to represent a different country. The kitchen could be decorated with a Mexican theme, the dining room with a French theme and the living room area with a Japanese theme. Guests can come to the party dressed in traditional clothing from the country of their choice. During the party, guests can listen to music from each country and nosh on favorite foods from a range of cultures.


A host can bring back the Roaring 20s by holding a Speakeasy party. Reach back to the days of Prohibition by serving classic cocktails, such as the "French 75," a mix of Champagne, gin and lemon juice, or the aptly named "Scofflaw," a mix of rye, dry vermouth, lemon juice and grenadine. Guests and hosts can get into the 1920s spirit by learning the Charleston and dressing like flappers and gangsters.


A hoedown, or country-western party, is a great way to get guests dancing and having a fun time. The host can hire a caller for old-fashion square dances or bring in a person to lead line dances. Since the caller tells dancers what to do, people don't need to have experience. Decor is simple, a few hay bales can be scattered around the party area. Guests should be encouraged to wear their best country duds, such as plaid flannel shirts, jeans and belts with wide buckles, and cowboy hats.

From birthday parties to New Year's Eve parties, making it a themed event will guarantee a night your guests will talk about for months.


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