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Jewels have long been a symbol of great wealth and riches. Great civilizations have considered jewels as one of their prize and expensive possessions. Anyone who possesses this rare element is considered rich and powerful thus it is only right that it takes its place in the game of pokies.

Spin and get at least two of the same jewels or all three jewels, you win. It also has the hold feature for you to increase your chances of winning. And if you are lucky enough to get all three rows with diamond jewels, you will be rewarded 50 times of your bet. To know the complete payout list, click the table button that can be found at the lower right of the machine image.

Play for fun and aim for the big prize. You can bet from one dollar to four dollars at every spin. You have the freedom to choose to play and practice for free or accept the challenge and play for real.

Even though it has the royalty status, spinning jewel is a simple yet very entertaining pokies game.

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