Pokies Machines

Modern pokies machines have moved away from the early mechanical ones – the software is slick, refined and with more win-lines. How do they work? What can you do to make more money at the pokies?

Pokies machines provide you with terrific entertainment - and in contrast to roulette and other casino games, all you need to strike it rich is one single lucky spin to make you an instant millionaire.

How to play pokies machines

In essence, playing the pokies machines is rather straightforward:

  1. You purchase the playing credits. Depending on where you play, the amount you pay per credit varies from few cents to one dollar or more.
  2. You select the number of win-lines. The minimum is one; pokies machines with 3 or 5 win-lines are quite common; some have 9 or more.
  3. You specify the amount you are betting, and spin.

Each pokies machine displays a set of all the winning combinations of symbols. If the result of the spin is a diverse set of symbols, the casino wins. If the symbols line up on one or more win-lines, you win.

How pokies machines operate

Pokies machines

The key ingredient of a pokies machine is the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG decides which symbol gets hit when the reel stops spinning. On its own, the software is not capable of generating a truly random number, but generates pseudo-randomness instead.

What does pseudo-randomness mean? It means that instead of having a truly random number, the software returns a number from a set of numbers which are carefully mixed to appear to be random. Each set is finite, meaning that once the end is reached the sequence would have to be repeated. To avoid showing a pattern, random generators typically use an external event to decide where to start the pseudo-random sequence.

This external event can be anything. For instance, it can be the time you take between bets; or the changes in temperature; or the changes in humidity.

Pokies machines are configured to show some symbols more often than the others. Different symbols can have different probabilities of coming up, but the most important thing for you is the overall percentage that it returns to players.

How much do pokies machines return to players

The amount that pokies machines return vary wildly. Land-based casinos, which are taxed heavily and have high overheads, may return as low as 87% to players. For example, if you start with $100 and make 100 bets of $1 each, on the average you’ll lose $13 and end up with $87.

Online casinos are considerably more generous. They have low overheads, but more competition because the physical proximity is not an issue - another online casino is just few clicks away. Most online casinos return about 90% to 92%. The best ones return 95%.

It is important to note that the casino advantage only shows in the long run, and casinos are known to go through periods when they lose money. Sometimes casinos finish the year in the negative territory. Having sufficient capital to cover the losses when they come is essential for a casino. Alas, new casinos are typically short of capital, which is why they return less, or make it difficult for you to take out your winnings. Worse, they can run out of money any you may not be able to cash your winnings at all. They also have comparatively low numbers of players, which means that they need to squeeze more money from each player.

As a rule of thumb, play only at well-established casinos, with the spotless reputation and certified software.

At The Pokies, we recommend only 3 casinos, Casino Titan, Rushmore Casino and Cherry Red Casino, which are exemplary in every regard and with 24/7 support. These casinos have above-the-average returns to players, 97% up to 99%, and rely on large numbers of players to make their profits.

The vast majority of the players have no strategy at all and make scores of mistakes - for a savvy player this is a chance to make some serious money while having fun.

Is it possible to beat the pokies machines?

If I had to choose a straight answer between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, I’d go for ‘Yes’. The more accurate answer is ‘It depends’. The fact remains that hen the pokies machine is configured to return say 98% to players, it will give the casino 2% profit OVER THE LONG RUN. In short run, everything is possible and as I’ve mentioned there are always players who make silly mistakes supplying the casino with more than adequate profits.

In the short run, anything is possible and winning is often just the matter of knowing your targets. Let’s say that the target for the evening is to win $500. A player might reach the target several times in one evening - but without any strategy, not knowing when to start, when to stop, and how much to gamble, most players lose their winnings.

In real life, there are winners, there are losers and there is the casino. Top casinos rely on having large numbers of players and having a narrow margin in their favor in the long run; then there are losers, who always seem to lose no matter what their luck may look like in any given moment; and there are winners, who manage their money, seem to attract all the luck and know when to stop when they’re ahead.