Play Fruit Slots

OK, so what makes fruit slots so irresistible - their cool sounds? Straightforward, great game-play? The fruits lining up on the win-line?
Perhaps with it’s all of the above - the fact is that people LOVE fruit slots, and here you’ll find the best and the biggest selection to enjoy for hours!
Here’s a trivia question for you: which casino game produced more millionaires than any other? Is it poker? Blackjack? You might be surprised to learn that it’s pokies - thanks to incredible Jackpots that someone wins every single day - and today it might as well be you! Check them out
Download (it’s free!) the state-of-the-art fruit slots from Casino Titan and take them for a spin.
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Alternatively, here’s the selection of free fruit slots for you to play:
Gold Rush
Gold Rush is an exciting three-reel, one-line progressive … more
Fruit Slots
Simple and effective, this flash game was developed for you to play and enjoy. Take your chips to bet, and insert them into the slot of the pokies machine. Then choose your multiplier and you only have to lower the handle to play.
Gold and Fruit Slots
Gold and Fruit Slots is a simple but highly entertaining simulation of a 5-reel pokies machine with multiple win-lines (you have a choice between one three, five, seven or nine).
Classic Game Star Pokies
Are you the traditional type of player who hates pokies game that has lots of features and surprises? Do you detest games that are highly complicated? Then why suffer on games that make your head ache? Try playing Classic Game Star Pokies! It is an exact replica of a three reel pokies game that you can find in the real casinos.
Food Fight Pokies
Heads up!! We usually hear this phrase back when we were kids followed up by hours of scolding by our parents. Reminisce your past with this pokies game as we incorporate one of our favorite game (FOOD FIGHT) as a kid in the realm of pokies.
Fruit Frenzy Pokies
Its theme uses comedic fruits as its characters. Line up fruits like smiling grapes, dancing banana, nerdy strawberry, orange the clown, bombing watermelon, and super pineapple. Aim for the latter for it gives the highest winnings.