Play 5-reel Pokies: Exciting and Rewarding

Play 1, 2, 3, 5 or more win-lines and remember: all you need is just ONE LUCKY SPIN to win the Jackpot and become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE!

Alternatively, here’s the selection of free 5-reel pokies for you to play:
The Latest Pokies You can Play on Your iPhone
Smartphones have taken over as the device of choice for many pokies players all over the world. No wonder, since the pokies and the touchscreens of the iPhone are a match made in Heaven.
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Pirates Gold
There was a time when pirates scourge the … more
Pacific Attack
Man your stations, we are under attack!!! Hit … more
Crusade of Fortune
For those adventurous type of people here is … more
Hot City
Want to know what’s the hottest trend in … more
Champion of the Track
Have you ever seen a horse … more
Viking’s Treasure
Before there were pirates the sea was ruled … more
Fishy Fortune
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During the Medieval Era a magical sword is … more
Arabian Nights
The Middle East has always been the symbol … more
Relic Raiders
Each ancient civilization has secrets to tell, secrets … more
Tiki wonders
Ever wonder what it is like to experience … more
Icy wonders
Looking for a game that suite the cool … more
Geisha Wonders
In ancient times, nothing can surpass the beauty … more
Super Lucky Frog
Legend has it that a powerful frog holds … more
Reel Steal
Stealing is without illegal, you can get penalized … more
$keet $hooter
Yearning of doing firing rounds? Want to experience … more
Blood Suckers
It has been said that the dark realm … more
Super 80’s
Wondering what is it like living in the era where MTV … more
Groovy 60’s
Wondering what is it like living in the … more
Funky 70’s
Do you miss the time where dancing in … more
Devil’s Delight
People usually defy the idea of the uncanny. … more
Tales of Krakow
Remember your childhood days where you still believe … more
Jackpot 6,000
You can bet on up to five bet-lines … more
Gonzo’s Quest
Meet Gonzo – the infamous 16th century Spanish … more
Voodoo Vibes
Voodoo… black magic… dark forces at work… You see all that at Voodoo Vibes, the pokies game with free-running adrenalin rush.
Sevens and Stripes Pokies
Have hours of fun with the simple 3-reel pokies game of Sevens and Stripes! Select how much you want to play for and spin. Line up two or three of the symbols to win, and when you’re ready, there’s nothing like winning the real money!
Thunder Slots
Wanting to explore the universe and its great mysteries? Do you dream of flying in your own spaceship and investigate galaxies and discover its secret and treasures. Now you can and with a special treat for you can live your dream together with classic space explorers.
Super Mario Slots
Is there anyone out there who does not know the game Super Mario? Mario is an Italian plumber who lives in Mushroom Kingdom, short and stocky, with brown hair and black mustache, he is famous for wearing a red shirt and blue overalls and who can forget his hat with an M initial. I guess none.
Gold and Fruit Slots
Gold and Fruit Slots is a simple but highly entertaining simulation of a 5-reel pokies machine with multiple win-lines (you have a choice between one three, five, seven or nine).
Ronin Pokies
In ancient Japan, during the time of Great War, shoguns, samurais and ninjas were created to fight of enemies. But none was as great as the Ronin’s! Ronins were samurai but with our masters. Skilled in the art of combat they were extremely dangerous and feared. Without a master, they serve as mercenaries and body guard to anyone who will seek for their assistance but with a price to pay.
Tiger Treasures Pokies
Take the role of a brave explorer and venture into the heart of the forest in search for the hidden treasure. Deal with wild animal such as the giant pandas and collect precious ruby as you go your way. Seek for the mighty tiger for it can show you the way to the massive treasure.
Shopping Spree Pokies
Shopping has never been this fun! Here, we give you shopping with a twist for you can earn while shopping! Treat this pokies game as your very own shopping mall where you can choose and avail all sort of items from designer clothes, expensive perfume, multimillion jewelries and many more! Shop to your heart desire!
Red Sands Pokies
Red Sand Pokies is a multiply line game pokies where you can bet from 1$ up to the maximum of 100$. The higher your bet, the larger is its pay back. It has the auto play function for automatic games and the progressive jackpot for instant big winning. To know more about the game, simply press the help button found at the left lower part of the screen.
Mister Money Pokies
Have fun in playing Mister Money and try your luck in accumulating winnings to amass your fortune. Hoard on your winnings through special features such as scatters, substitutes and free games that can increase your chances of winning and augment your prizes.
Rain Dance Pokies
Be the chief of your own tribe and call upon the power of the spirits to bring good fortune for you. Learn the steps of the traditional rain dance to bring down the pouring blessings and good fortune. Dance well and be showered with free spins, free games, multiplier wins and most of all the chance to be wet form the massive progressive jackpot storm.!
Lion’s Lair Pokies
The majestic lion is known to be the king of the jungle. With his loud roar it can terrify even the animals twice his size. He rules his kingdom with iron fist and strength. Like any other king, he also has a massive treasure that is buried and hidden from the eyes of anyone who wants to take it.
Goldbeard Pokies
Goldbeard otherwise known as the king of pirates was a legend. He has gathered massive treasures during his time of piracy. Before he was executed in front of thousands of people, his last words was he left all his treasure on a secret island and that it is open to all who wants to claim it if they can find it thus starting the pirate era.
Food Fight Pokies
Heads up!! We usually hear this phrase back when we were kids followed up by hours of scolding by our parents. Reminisce your past with this pokies game as we incorporate one of our favorite game (FOOD FIGHT) as a kid in the realm of pokies.
Diamond Dozen Pokies
Diamonds are forever! This is also applicable in the world of pokies, once you have experience the fun and excitement of this pokies game, you will be addicted in playing it that you will want to play on it like forever!
Derby Dollars
Love the excitement of horse racing? We give you the pokies game that combines your love of horses and pokies. Now you can experience the thrill of standing up on your seats at the comfort of your home as we bring to you Derby Dollars!
Crystal Waters
Can’t seem to take your mind off the sound of waves, sailing of boats, school of fish and splashes of water? Then you are certainly a certified water baby. Here we are raising water sports to a higher level with our pokies game Crystal Waters. Here you can combine your love of water and the enjoyment of pokies games.
Fruit Frenzy Pokies
Its theme uses comedic fruits as its characters. Line up fruits like smiling grapes, dancing banana, nerdy strawberry, orange the clown, bombing watermelon, and super pineapple. Aim for the latter for it gives the highest winnings.
Cleopatra Pokies
The Egypt civilization is one of the oldest empires in the history. During its time it is consider as one of the greatest and powerful nation. It has conquered a massive area and claims all those treasures. Their culture and technology also prosper; it is way advanced compare to other society at that time thus it is no wonder that this civilization is rich and influential.
Caesar’s Empire Pokies
Caesar’s Empire invites you in his kingdom to be its citizen and get rich! Be a gladiator and fight your way to gain power and treasures. Explore his realm and search for its monumental coliseums for hidden fortune. Seek for the influential Caesar and gain his favor to earn more wealth. Welcome to the Medieval Era!
Aussie Pokies
The game introduces you into a virtual world where you can experience the excitement of a real casino where the player can come out victorious and full of money or loses everything he has and starts over again. The design is specially made to imitate as well each part of a real slot and give the impression that you live in a mini Las Vegas, surrounded by money, fame and beautiful women.
Aztec’s Treasure
The Aztec civilization is one of the most powerful and greatest civilizations of all time. Found in the heart of Mexico, this empire obtains vast treasures and immense knowledge. Just the thought of it can surely trigger your desire for power.