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Apart from your local land-based casinos and pubs, these days you can also play pokies in online casinos and online bingo sites, where you can get £5 free just for registering, no deposit required. The sign-up and ongoing bonuses are much better in online casinos due to lower overheads and greater competition. Furthermore, online you get to can choose between playing for fun (which is completely free and lets you explore the games and become familiar with them), and playing for money.

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What Kind of Pokies Would You Like to Play?

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How good are your winning chances? If you want both, the entertainment AND to win BIG, remember that:

  • Small, recently established casinos are typically short of capital and cannot afford losses - so their jackpots are puny, pokies machines are configured to give less, and to take your winnings out you need to jump through hoops.
  • Land-based pokies places are stingy and give back to players around 87%. Most renowned online casinos give back 90% to 92%. Don’t play unless the returns are at least 95%.
  • Places that we list here have spotless reputation, 24-hour support, and taking your winnings is quick and easy. Importantly, the returns are 97% to 99% and there are cases when the casino runs a negative quarter when the players win more than the casino.

Moreover, you want the Jackpots to be HUGE ($1 million and more) because that way your 5 minutes (or just ONE lucky spin) will be a life-changing event.

Play Pokies to Win!

OK, so you want to have good time playing pokies… who doesn’t? But why not have great time AND win good money too? Below is what skilled players do. Don’t overlook these essential recommendations: even if you do not use any special pokies strategies you can still end up a winner. So, here are do’s and don’ts when you play pokies:

  1. Play pokies that fit your gambling budget
    Always handle your gambling fund with care and stick to your gambling limits. Don’t play high-roller pokies with a small fund.
  2. Relax
    Don’t get upset or frustrated when you lose a spin - you cannot win every time. Stay calm and relaxed, and enjoy yourself when playing pokies.
  3. Play pokies with high returns
    Different online pokies machines are configured to give back different percentages. If one pokies game does not give you much, turn to another one and play the one that gives the most.
  4. Manage your gambling fund
    To build up your gaming strategy, first of all decide on your fund. Pocket all the winnings, know when to stop and never try to win lost money back the same day because it leaves you open to more losses.
  5. Set up betting limits
    First set your betting limits and then choose the pokies games according to your fund and the limits. Remember, pokies are games of chance, so choose a machine according to the amount of money you’re betting.
  6. Bet the maximum win-lines when playing pokies with progressive jackpots
    When playing at the progressive pokies machines bet the maximum amount and bet on all the pay-lines. When you hit the jackpot, it would be a shame to miss on it just because you haven’t bet on the maximum. Remember, size DOES matter, so check out these huge jackpots - each of them can make you rich in an instant.
  7. Look for extra pokies bonuses
    Always go for the machine with extra bonuses and special offers such as bonus free spins or bonus rounds. Such games are not only more fun, but also provide you with more chances of winning cash.
  8. Only play at reputable high-return casinos
    Always look for the pokies machines with the highest payback. Not all pokies machines are based on the same RNG, so many casinos advertise the pokies payback percentages. However, if you cannot figure out the payback statistics remember that as a rule $5 (or higher) pokies machines provide the highest paybacks of up to 99%.
  9. Practice pokies for free
    Before playing for real money, practice for free in order to know all the game options and learn how to win at pokies.
  10. Check the pay table before the game
    Carefully study the pokies pay table before you play to make sure that you know which combinations win you money and to have an idea of what you are paid out for. Don’t rush to play at the first machine you see but look for the pokies with the highest payouts.

Where to Play Pokies

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