Online Video Slots


Online video slots come in many categories and genres. There are so many slots and slot variants out there, that it pays well if you know what you’re playing before you wager on it. Online video slots can often be one of the most complicated types of gambling game to play, simply because there is so much happening at once. There are one or two things you should learn about slots, before you sit down and play.

If a video slot contains a progressive jackpot, it has a jackpot that does not have a cap or limit. The jackpot is made up of small pieces of every wager that any player makes on the slot. Over time, these wagers are accumulated and the jackpot grows. When it is won, the jackpot returns to a default minimum and then continues to grow once more. It is possible with online video slots, to have more than one progressive jackpot at once. Some even has as many as four of them!

Most online video slots though, aren’t progressive, and they contain what are known as non-progressive jackpots. These video slots’ jackpots are fixed, meaning that the jackpot always remains at the same amount, whether it hasn’t been won in ages or not. If a non-progressive slot has a jackpot of £25,000 and it is won, then the very next minute after it is won, somebody else will be entitled to have a crack at a jackpot, worth exactly the same value.

Now bonus rounds are something which a lot of online video slots have, but not all of them. Bonus rounds can be triggered in many ways, from scatter icons to wild symbols. When a bonus round is triggered, a player might have a chance to gamble their winnings in a 50-50 style game, or they could spin a money wheel, choose from a number of hidden icons containing money, or even enjoy a free spins bonus round. The possibilities for bonus rounds are endless.

Wilds and scatters are what make great slots. A wild symbol will simply substitute itself for any other icon on the reels that a player needs to complete a payline.

Wild symbols can offer multiplied wins, and can often be expanding (cover the entire reel), or sticky (stay in the same place for numerous spins), and a range of other wilds also exist.

Scatter symbols on the other hand, sometimes offer free spins if 3 or more are found anywhere on the reels. They might also trigger a bonus round, offer scattered payouts, or even trigger multipliers for your standard payouts.

Online video slots can be found in virtually any online gambling site, however if you think you’ve found a place to play your favourites, check out a casino review to see what slots they have before you sign up. For example, a typical casino review, such as the Miami Club Casino review, will tell you all there is to know about the slots that the casino offers.


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