Legalized Gambling to Boost Tourism in Vietnam

Although Vietnam already has a number of working casinos inside their borders, Vietnamese citizens still aren’t allowed to go into those casinos and gamble as it’s against the rules of their communist government. Ironically, that same government is now considering legalizing gambling for them in order to boost tourism as well as stem the flow of millions of dollars going to country foreign casinos.


Years back when the government banned casino gambling at websites like M88, they did it with the intent of protecting their citizens from social problems linked to the presence of casinos in the larger cities around Asia, including gambling addiction, prostitution, organized crime and so forth. The problem is that many Vietnamese people still want to gamble and are going to other countries including neighboring Cambodia to do so.

It’s estimated that 3000 people per day are crossing the Vietnamese border into Cambodia to gamble,  boosting Cambodia’s economy instead of their own. In an effort to fix this problem, the Vietnamese government is allowing a test program in the city of QuangNinh, which is east of Hanoi, in order to see if there rules and laws need to be changed.

Tourists from Taiwan, China and other Asian countries, as well as  some from the United States and Europe, already come to Vietnam and gamble, to be sure.  QuangNinh, where the testing program is being considered, is the most popular tourist sites in the country.

The problem right now as it stands in Vietnam is that, even though tourists from other countries frequent their casinos, there simply isn’t enough of them to make it worthwhile to start putting in new, fancier casinos in most Vietnamese cities. The idea behind legalizing gambling for Vietnamese citizens is that, with a combination of both tourists and natives being able to gamble, these cities would be able to handle a bigger number of casinos and thus investors would start considering Vietnam as a viable choice for new construction.

Those bigger, fancier casinos would then of course attract more tourists and, more importantly, wealthier tourists from countries like China. Vietnam is looking at Macau as an example, where billions of dollars in gambling revenues are now being made yearly. (Macau is the number one gambling destination in all of Asia.)

One casino that’s already been built is the Grand Ho Tram Strip. In fact, it’s Vietnam’s first full-fledged gambling resort and opened last year in July. With 541 guestrooms, 614 gaming machines and 35 table games, is a true gambling resort on a par with some of the best in the world. In fact, there’s a second phase being planned to add another 500 rooms as well as a golf course which will make it a similar vacation resort to those found in Macau and even in Las Vegas.

Colin Pine, the director of the new resort, believes that the Grand Ho Tram is just the start of a “new era of tourism” for Vietnam. Many others in Vietnam hope he’s correct.

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