Knowing the Lingo

gambling lingo

If you’ve ever logged on to an online casino such as Unibet betting, or strolled through the bustling aisles of a brick and mortar casino, you’ll have no doubted been confronted by a wave of unfamiliar terms. Being an industry filled with technical terms and colloquial expression it can’t often be off-putting to be unclear what specific terms mean; especially if you’re plucking up the courage to place your first wager.

That need not be a problem, though, as all members of the casino will be more than happy to help and explain anything you don’t understand. Moreover, online casino players can often find a glossary of terms at the virtual site they’re visiting.

In this article we’ll outline three common casino terms you should know.

Card Washing – Card washing is an essential part of all casino games involving at least one deck. Whether you’re playing blackjack, poker or casino war the dealer will be required to wash the cards at certain intervals in order to ensure fairness for all parties involved. A wash often takes place when a new deck is introduced to the table and after an extended run of hands.

At an online casino, such as Unibet, this process takes place behind the scenes but inside a brick and mortar complex it involves the dealer spreading the entire deck face down, mixing the cards, then reassembling the pack.

Whale – A whale is a high limit player who often drops thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars in a single session. These players are highly valued by the casino as they often contribute hugely to their overall profits.

Comps – Comps are incentives and bonuses used to attract players to a brick and mortar casino. Ranging from free food and drinks to luxury gift items, the level of comps you can receive will depend largely on the amount of money you wager inside the casino.


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