Best internet connection for online poker?

Online pokerJust like so many other things in life, you are sure to find that the internet connection you have will be dependent upon what you use it for. Those of you who spend a lot of time playing games on your mobile will probably want to opt for a tariff that offers you a high or unlimited amount of data. Those of you who just check emails once a day will probably be able to get away with just a few hundred megabytes per month.

If you are really dedicated to games then chances are that you’ll be playing them on your home computer too over a high speed internet connection. This is obviously the luxury way to play: sitting in a comfortable chair, enjoying your favourite beverage and settling down for an evening of poker. But when you want to play while you’re out of the house the only option is sometimes to bite the bullet and play over your phone, either using the mobile version of the site or a dedicated app.

Thanks to companies like Ladbrokes Poker, there are a wide range of mobile apps that offer the best mobile gaming experience around. Back in the day it would take an age for a site to load, and when it did it looked bad. Not anymore; thanks to modern day phones and their high resolution capabilities we are looking at a way to play that may not be as comfortable and luxurious as playing at home, but it’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

Mobile gaming may still yet be in its infancy and who knows, maybe by this time next year we will have seen a massive shift towards more high quality apps. But until then, it’s not the worst way to spend a train journey.


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