How important is Social Interaction with Online Bingo?


Bingo has reportedly been popular since the 15th Century, travelling swiftly across Europe, from Italy, and finding a huge fan-base in the UK in the 20thC and also the USA. The easy transference of bingo to the online gaming arena has ensured the craze for a full house does not ebb, but the lack of interpersonal interaction has possibly taken a hit when people sit in their own home to play the game.

Here, it’s probably worth recognising that one of bingo’s main reasons for popularity was the community aspect of it. Throughout financial depressions caused from the two world wars, it stood as an affordable and fun way for people to get together and enjoy everyone’s company. If that disappears, can we expect a continued life as long as we’ve had already seen from the game.

The Future of Bingo

The simple answer to Bingo’s longevity without social interaction is no, it won’t survive without the enjoyment of having company when playing. When nothing is done about this, it seems bingo is under threat. Luckily, several online bingo rooms are doing everything they can to bring back that social element to ensure that bingo remains the Queen of communal gaming.

Nearly all sites now offer chat features, in which players in a room can type away to each other, but this still can feel lacking at times when compared to ‘real life’ bingo. Some others have really stepped up the mark: places like Bingocams offer free online bingo, with all the incentives you can expect from site wanting your time, but they have added extra social elements to their game. You can attach your webcam to the chat room- if you wish- enabling you to chat away with all your peers and even the caller, also attached via webcam, which is great for cancelling out that ‘one-way’ feeling you might get with standard chat room bingo.

These social aspects mean that individual bingo and other gambling site are holding off against the Facebook gaming giant, Zynga, which seems to have its grasp firmly around- arguably- the future of online gambling. Figures suggest that current online climates are fairly safe from Zynga as most players are under eighteen and, according to kevinflood, only a few players engage in high virtual-currency. The problem for indie site is when those under eighteen players reach the legal gambling age and wish to continue on the platform they know. Do other bingo sites have what it takes to take the attention away from the huge gambling corporations? With incentives like webcam bingo it is possible, all we have to do now is sit back and wait for that number to be called.

Image: Zynga Latte by yukop


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