A Golden Age Looms for Online Pokies

Online Pokies

"Pot of Gold" (CC BY 2.0) by  tao_zhyn 

Online pokies are getting better all the time. The days when they were just a straightforward replication of what you’d see in your average hotel bar are long gone. Today, the level of graphic presentation and gaming sophistication means that pokies fans have never had a better range of opportunities. We may be entering the golden age of online pokies.

Foxin’ Wins is an interesting example of the current state of the art. As a no-holds-barred, 100% Australian production, it is perhaps not surprising that it is entirely tailored to the tastes of those who are prepared to seriously engage with the pokies experience.

Foxin’ Wins is a NextGen Gaming production. They are an independent developer working out of Sydney. They employ 50 dedicated staff and Foxin’ Wins is their flagship production. They are at the forefront of a move that is seeing pokies players increasingly moving online.

The old-school, repetitive button pressing of yesteryear has been replaced with a suite of features and gaming options that are little short of mind blowing. Of course, games are now available on mobile as well as PCs and laptops but that level of technological knowhow has been extended right throughout the production so that visually, sonically and in terms of gaming features, Foxin’ Wins is taking pokies into a whole new gaming dimension.

A key feature of Foxin’ Wins is the ability to play with a so-called Super Bet that allows you to play with more wilds. It is the sort of strategic enhancement to the traditional pokies format that is making for a more demanding, more challenging and more compelling recreation.

The level of high-quality animation involved in the latest games, of which Foxin’ Wins is entirely representative, is quite breath taking. As such, it allows a developing narrative to be added to the mechanics of the game. In this case we are taken on a tour of the eponymous Fox’s mansion before setting sail on a luxury cruiser.

With five reels and 25 pay lines underpinning all the cartoon storyline there is no shortage of action every step of the way. The animated (in all senses) fox cubs that burst onto the screen to signal the extra wilds that the Super Bet feature involves are especially engaging. A tumbling leprechaun that appears as part of a random bonus adds to the fun.

Foxin’ Wins is one of the new breed on online pokies that are enjoying a surge in popularity across Australia and beyond. The industry is benefitting massively from the quality as well as the quantity of production talent that is currently available and, from a player’s perspective, that points to the further continuation of what is already a golden age for pokies.

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