Free Slots Down Mexico Way

If you love the sights, tastes and feel of all things Mexican, and you love to play fun games you’re your friends via Facebook, the odds are that you’re going to love the new Jalapeño Racers free slots game from Jackpotjoy.

As the names suggest, the game has a red hot chili peppers feel about it and is the rapidly growing Jackpotjoy’s first ever multi-screen free slot game . Jalapeño Racers features Ringo, Basil, Barro and Walter; four fun-loving creatures who love the chance to munch through a few Jalapeños while they help win you a little virtual cash – hopefully!

If you can land four race scatter symbols across any of the four free slots, you’ll set the crazy animals against each other while you reel in the virtual coins. And there’s an exciting race finish bonus symbol that pays you an extra bonus if any of your animals finish the race.

Meanwhile, if you land a propagating wild on any one slot - it will automatically appear in the same position on all your four slots, giving you more winning opportunities.

Jalapeño Racers is just one of the new and exciting free slots available to Facebook members that the award-winning Jackpotjoy site has made available. There are over thirty in total, and each one is highly creative in a different, which seems to be the reason for the site’s phenomenal success. Since Jackpot launched its free slots on Facebook in June of 2011, over eight million people have already played at least one of the free slots games.
As people play more, they can progress and open up new games and new levels within games. They can also share some of their free coins with friends, gaining their own experience points in the process which enables them to open up new games of their own.

In this way, the success of Jackpotjoy’s online free slots mimics that of Facebook itself in that it’s the social aspect of the games that have really caused them to take off. Users also have the chance to meet new friends online via the chat room functions within each fun game and even to pay a few virtual coins to enter some free slot tournaments with the chance to win big amounts and to monitor their progress on the tournament leader board.

Whether Jalapeño Racers will take off quite as quickly as the racers do themselves remains to be seen. But if Jackpotjoy’s previous success with free slots on Facebook is anything to go by – the little Mexican racers could have a big future ahead of them. And if you play slots online at Jackpotjoy’s real money slots website entices you then you might even win big and go and visit Mexico for real!


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