Wacky Pokies

Thunder Slots

Wanting to explore the universe and its great mysteries? Do you dream of flying in your own spaceship and investigate galaxies and discover its secret and treasures. Now you can and with a special treat for you can live your dream together with classic space explorers.

Sexy Fruit Slots

Looking for a twist in the world of pokies? Then try playing Sexy fruit Slot. It has the same principle with the classic fruit slot but with a twist. The fruit slots have never been sexier than this which gives the players something to look forward to.

Duke Nukem Slots

Looking for something new in the world of pokies? Let me give you Duke Nukem! This is a pokies game with a twist. This game can give you the feeling of your in control. Why? Because instead of waiting for the wheels in the reels to stop spinning on their own, here you are the one who is going to stop it.