Classic Pokies

Fruit Slots

Simple and effective, this flash game was developed for you to play and enjoy. Take your chips to bet, and insert them into the slot of the pokies machine. Then choose your multiplier and you only have to lower the handle to play.

Super Mario Slots

Is there anyone out there who does not know the game Super Mario? Mario is an Italian plumber who lives in Mushroom Kingdom, short and stocky, with brown hair and black mustache, he is famous for wearing a red shirt and blue overalls and who can forget his hat with an M initial. I guess none.

Spinning Jewsels Pokies

Jewels have long been a symbol of great wealth and riches. Great civilizations have considered jewels as one of their prize and expensive possessions. Anyone who possesses this rare element is considered rich and powerful thus it is only right that it takes its place in the game of pokies.

Gold Digger Pokies

Are you looking for a game that has the word challenge engrave to it? Gold Digger pokies is what you are looking for! This pokies game is quite hard to beat but do not worry for you don’t need to register or spend real money on it. This pokies is created for you to have pure fun and enjoyment.

Gold and Fruit Slots

Gold and Fruit Slots is a simple but highly entertaining simulation of a 5-reel pokies machine with multiple win-lines (you have a choice between one three, five, seven or nine).

Classic One Arm Bandit Pokies

Are you afraid of having to face a bandit one on one? Well, here’s your chance to conquer your fears and prove to yourself you are ready to face anything. The early pokies machines were stingy on winning combinations and penny pinching on cashing out the jackpot. If you are not careful it could swiftly take all your money away.

Classic Game Star Pokies

Are you the traditional type of player who hates pokies game that has lots of features and surprises? Do you detest games that are highly complicated? Then why suffer on games that make your head ache? Try playing Classic Game Star Pokies! It is an exact replica of a three reel pokies game that you can find in the real casinos.

Diamond Dozen Pokies

Diamonds are forever! This is also applicable in the world of pokies, once you have experience the fun and excitement of this pokies game, you will be addicted in playing it that you will want to play on it like forever!

Fruit Frenzy Pokies

Its theme uses comedic fruits as its characters. Line up fruits like smiling grapes, dancing banana, nerdy strawberry, orange the clown, bombing watermelon, and super pineapple. Aim for the latter for it gives the highest winnings.

Cleopatra Pokies

The Egypt civilization is one of the oldest empires in the history. During its time it is consider as one of the greatest and powerful nation. It has conquered a massive area and claims all those treasures. Their culture and technology also prosper; it is way advanced compare to other society at that time thus it is no wonder that this civilization is rich and influential.