Conditioning and pokies games

pokies-conditioning Online pokie games are the most popular game of luck today. Players all over the world love playing it. There are many reasons for this, but the most interesting one actually comes from the psychology world and is called – conditioning. Most of you have probably heard about the conditioning of a dog with the bell and the food. The way it works basically is it makes a connection in your mind between two stimulations which would normally not be connected. In this case the stimulations are ‘pulling a handle’ and ‘winning money’. Smart isn’t it?

It’s not likely that the people that came up with the pokie game thought about this element. They probably thought it’s a nice pastime and people would enjoy it now and again. The first slots were actually with candies as a prize and not money. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then. Today there are other stimulations that are added to the conditioning like a celebrity or a comics character (Spiderman slots for instance). But for some reason fruits are the most popular stimulators when it comes to slots. Players love these fruit icons, moving up and down on the reels, getting them closer to their dream cash prize. It makes you wonder how deeply coded in our DNA our passion for fruits is. It any case, the result is the same whether you’re a fruit or a comic fan – pokies are fun and addicting.


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