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The Egypt civilization is one of the oldest empires in the history. During its time it is consider as one of the greatest and powerful nation. It has conquered a massive area and claims all those treasures. Their culture and technology also prosper; it is way advanced compare to other society at that time thus it is no wonder that this civilization is rich and influential.

No wonder that the Egyptians have accumulated a massive treasure during their reign and no one is as wealthy and famous that the beautiful Cleopatra. During her time a lot of mysterious pyramids were built that holds gold and jewelries in it. Explore the sands of ancient Egypt and discover hidden pyramids and search it for the ancient treasures of Cleopatra.

Every time you discover a pyramid it multiplies your winnings. Also use Cleopatra to your advantage as it stands in for other symbols for you to get the chance to hit the jackpot.

Start spinning for you to be the next mighty pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

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