Never Tell Australians about Slots – They Love Pokies!

Australians are renowned for shortening everyday words in their vocabulary from the Barbeque (Barbie), a cup of tea (cuppa) or a chocolate biscuit (choccy biccy) Australians are the kings of slang and are even credited for creating the word selfie so it is no wonder that they call slot machines Pokies!

Pokies are widespread “Down Under” and big business. In most States, Pokies can be found everywhere notably in pubs, clubs, hotels and casinos.  In fact, there are nearly 200,000 machines in Australia, that’s 1 poker machine to every 114 people. Except for gambling meccas like Macau and Monaco, Australia has the highest number of poker machines per person of any country in the world.


So where do online pokies come in? With the ever increasing availability to play online either from home or on the go, it comes as no surprise that Pokie enthusiasts have flocked to an Australian online casino. Down Under, where many live miles and miles away from the nearest drugstore, let alone a casino, online pokies have become a treasured source of entertainment for many an ostrich farmer stuck in the outback.

This national obsession with Pokie machines, where Aussies lose more cash gambling than any other country per capita has led to heated debates on how best tackle this issue. Online Pokies have the upper hand in implementing safeguards that allow players to limit the amount they are willing to stake in one online session when playing Australian pokies for real money.

Online pokies are very similar to the land based pokies with a great variety of games to choose from. Some of the newest pokies have up to 200 win lines. Another advantage of playing online is that players can find generous sign up bonuses and loyalty reward programs. Players can also play pokies for free online before staking any of their Bankroll which is not an option when playing a land based Pokie. As with any other online casino game, practicing before depositing and wagering your own hard earned cash is a good idea.

If you are curious about the fascination about pokies and don’t want to go walkabout Guts casino Top 16 online Australian pokies is a great place to start. Before you "give it a burl" as the Aussies like to say, keep in mind the time and money you can afford to spend before you get stuck in.

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