Australian Bingo Is A Unique And Exciting Game

au-bingoBingo is very popular in Australia, although the rules of Australian bingo are not quite the same as the rest of the world is playing. The principles of Australian Bingo are the same: numbers are called out and you need to match them on a line on a card. But the cards in Australian bingo are quite different.

Differences in Australian Bingo

Take note that bingo in Australia is often referred to as ‘Housie’, which is also the name used frequently in the UK. In order to play in an Australian game, you don’t buy a card or a ticket, as they are known in other parts of the world. You buy a ‘Book’ that contains your collection of numbers. If you only want to play a limited amount of games, you can buy a sheet containing a ‘Flyer’ of six cards.

Besides the different terms used for Australian bingo, the other main difference is the amount of numbers on the bingo cards. While the rest of the world usually plays with five columns of five numbers, Australian bingo has nine columns and just three rows. The winning numbers are selected from a total of 90 balls.

Each one of the rows on an Australian bingo card contains five numbers and four blank spaces. Each of the nine columns contains groups of ten numbers. Column 1 has numbers from 1-9, column 2 has from 10-19 and so on.

The remaining aspects of Australian bingo have both similarities and differences from other variations of the game. Complete the five numbers on one of your nine rows and you have bingo. Do it before anyone else playing in your game and you will win. However, the players who complete the other two lines also win prizes. There is another prize for the first player to complete any two horizontal lines on their cards.

The other type of game played in Australian bingo is called ‘Full House’. As you might guess from the name, the winner of this game is the first player to complete the entire card, which in Australian bingo, is fifteen numbers.

Generally, the online sites which host Australian bingo offer the game at a more rapid pace than you will find for other versions of bingo. This means that your concentration has to be excellent to play this game, because the cards actually contain more numbers than the 5X5 grids that are usually offered around the world.

All of the leading online sites that offer Australian bingo provide you with the same kind of offers that you are used to from other internet bingo sites and other online casinos. You can get welcome bonuses for joining a site, plus bonuses and rewards for the cards you buy and the games you play.

Also keep in mind if you are in Australia, you are not just limited to Australian bingo. You can join other sites from around the globe which offer all of the other bingo variations, including other 90- ball games as well as 75-ball games.


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