3 Tips for Playing Legal Poker Online

You have heard somewhere that  you can play legal online poker. This little guide is just for you.

With the advances in modern technology and new inventions popping up every day, it is no wonder we have access to such a thing as online poker. We’ve come a long way and now we can enjoy such a privilege from our own homes.

But it’s a little trickier than that, isn’t it? It is not enough just to want to play poker online, there are some rules to follow if you want the answer to the question: is it legal to play poker online?

Okay, hotshot. You have your cash ready to flow, your computer and a stable internet connection - what could you possibly need now? Well, truth be told, you must pay attention to at least three things, and here they are.

Legitimate site

Scams are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. If you do enough online searches, you are likely to be swarmed with spam containing links to the sites claiming to be the best poker sites ever, with the unbelievably easy ways to earn a lot of cash in no time.


So how can you protect yourself from these? Make sure that the site you want to play poker on is registered and has a certificate. Also, see if you can find some unbiased reviews of the site. It should help you immensely.

Legal State

There are only a few states in the good USA that allow gambling, online or otherwise. read up on the latest legislation newsletters and issues so that you can be up to speed when your state will consider making gambling legal if it has not already.

Otherwise, you might be stuck with planning a trip to Vegas instead.

Caution with Payment

Yes, this is, by far and hands down, the corniest piece of advice you have received, ever. But there is a reason people stress over this over and over again. There is that whole conundrum of choosing a payment method that is relatively safe and reliable.

You can try with money transfers or a credit card, though I would recommend going with a prepaid card to make a deposit on a site. It has a fixed amount and the least of your personal information and bank details.

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